Center of Post-graduate Studies
Accord University

Accord University in Somalia has a Center for Postgraduate Studies. The university offers a range of postgraduate programs, including PhD and Master’s programs, in various fields such as Civil Engineering, Computer & Network Security, Environmental Management & Sustainability, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases, Information Systems Management & Data Analysis, International Relations & Diplomacy, Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, and Petroleum Engineering. The university is committed to providing affordable, high-quality, and accessible online degree-granting programs to all qualified students

Faculty Of Law, Economic & Management

Master of Information Systems Management & Data Analysis
Master of Project Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Accounting & Finance
Master of Finance & Economic Development
Master of Human Resource Management
Master of Aviation & Airport Management
Master of Law
Master of Civil Law
Master of Procurement & Logistics

Ph.D. in Finance & Economic Development
Ph.D. in Project Management
Ph.D. in Quality System Improvement Management

Faculty Of Humanities & Social Science

Master of Security, Intelligence & Strategy Studies
Master of International Relations & Diplomacy
Master of Political Science
Master of Monitoring & Evaluation
Master of Social Work
Master of Public Administration
Master of Peace & Conflict Resolution
Master of Global Security & Intelligence Studies

Ph.D. in Security, Intelligence & Strategy Studies
Ph.D. in Peace & Conflict Resolution
Ph.D. in Public Administration
Ph.D. in Social Work

Faculty Of Health Science

Master of Public Health
Master of Nutrition
Master of Tropical Medicine & Infectious Diseases
Master of Hospital Management
Master of Pediatrics
Master of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Faculty Of Ecology & Environmental Science

Master of Environmental Management & Sustainability

Faculty Of Engineering & Computer Science

Master of Computer & Network Security.
Master of Cyber Security
Master of Construction Engineering & Management

PhD in Artificial Intelligence
PhD in Construction Engineering & Management

Faculty Of Education & Psychology

Master of Educational Policy Planning & Management
Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages